Welcome to Katie-Isms! 

WHO: We are Katie and Katie. No, that's right,  we're really both called Katie. Our "real" names are Katherine and Katlyn, but both of us have always gone by Katie.We've been best friends since the fall of 1999. Crazy, right? We met on a cold Winters day at a park in Connecticut. The Original Katie, being the kind soul she was, made the Other Katie, who had just moved to CT from New York, a card. On this card, she drew two girls, one with yellow hair, and the other with black hair. The Original Katie also put her favorite Barbie stickers on said card. When the Katies met on that fateful day, The Original Katie was heartbroken to find out that not only was The Other Katie BLONDE, but she wasnt allowed to play with Barbies, either.

The infamous welcome card was never to be seen again.

At this time, The Original Katie lives in Connecticut, The Other Katie in Texas. We are both Catholic, and until recently we were both home schooled. Although the Original Katie, after ten years of being homeschooled, is officially a "public schooler'', she will forever be an honorary homeschooler, due to her homeschooly nerdiness and unsocial skills. We are both die hard bookworms! We like a lot of the same books, music and movies, but our tastes are also different in some places...so the commonality is always there but still spiced up by the diversity. The Original Katie is a TwiHard whilst the Other Katie would be quite happy to put a stake through Edward's sparkly chest. We are forever recommending things to each other, and now with this blog we are sharing them with you too. :) We both enjoy writing, and I suppose our blogging could be considered an extension of that.
We're best buds, partners in crime, and just a little crazy.The Original Katie is the Elphaba to the Other Katies Glinda. The Ron to her Harry. The Sam to her Frodo. The Anne to her Diana. The Juliet to her nurse. The Rose to her Blanche. The Jacob to her Bella. Except, without the annoying love thing...
We are the Katies.

WHAT: Well, as mentioned above, this blog is where we share great books, movies and music. Listen to a song, read a review...maybe you'll find a new favorite! We also share poetry by teens, and occasionally by ourselves. Come every Wednesday for a piece of original, creative poetry! Occasionally you will find some other kind of randomness here too...who knows what! You may even be treated to an interview! Ooh, ahh....
So look around and enjoy! We hope you love it, and by the way, comments make us very happy. ;-)

The Katies
Katlyn & Katherine
The Original Katie & The Other Katie