Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you, thank you.

Half the credit for the banner goes to shabbyblogs.com, though. :)

I thought I'd just lay out the whole idea of the blog, so y'all know what it is exactly that you're following (What's that? You're not a follower? Well, why don't you just hop along and take care of that. OK? OK). Originally, as you probably know, this was going to be a blog purely about music. But then Katie and I had the splendid idea that we should try blogging together again. We tried before, but didn't manage to keep it up. So I jumped in and now we're starting over with this blog! We're keeping the music idea, we're just adding books and movies. PLUS, weekly posts featuring poetry from young people. We'll be posting one poem every Wednesday, so don't forget to come back tomorrow and see the first one!
See ya back here soon!
-The Other Katie :)

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